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Our  12-month mental wellness support programme designed to reintegrate an employees and management into these uncertain times. 


The Rebirth Wellness Safari provides an environment for you to reconnect with your meaning and purpose. Our Master Coaches guide you through creating your social, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being in your personal and professional life.

Rebirth wellness

01 background


As the pandemic lingers, employee burnout is at historic levels. More than 70% of employees reported being burnt out and feeling that their employers aren’t doing enough to address workplace burnout or mental health issues.


Workplace burnout is commonly defined as "extreme physical and emotional exhaustion that results in a lack of professional efficacy, increased cynicism, lack of engagement and depleted energy."


Employee burnout or a poor state of mental health doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a series of triggers that occur over time causing even the most passionate employee to become disengaged.


Therefore, we have designed the 12-month Rebirth Wellness Safari Programme aimed at tackling these problems along with many others that may  be affecting individuals.

02 reading the signs


Some warning signs that an employee is likely to be suffering from burn out  or struggling with mental health issues include:


  • Detached from the workplace culture

  • Loss of motivation and enthusiasm for their job

  • Decreased productivity

  • Increased mistakes and poor memory

  • Inability to make decisions

  • Poor sleep habits

  • Irritable and more sensitive to feedback

  • Increased negativity and cynical outlook

  • Increased absenteeism

03 Your Rebirth

Whether you’re an executive, a professional, spouse, a parent or an employee, chances are you’re encountered periods of stress, burnout and anxiety, which is infusing every part of the world right now. Or you may be experiencing these and other mental health challenges more chronically.

It’s hard enough working with the pressures of your company, practice or business venture even in the best of times: but add the disruption and chaos of Covid-19, economic uncertainty, ill or frightened family members – or even the pain of bereavement and other losses – to the mix, and the effect can be overwhelming.

Rebirth offers solutions to these challenges!


04 U-ACT Rebirth


With everything happening around us, no wonder so many people are suffering from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety or tending to use substances in an attempt to cope both personally and  professionally.


If you’re underperforming or battling with uncertainty, languishing or just feeling unwell, and longing to get away from daily stress, the helplessness and difficulty of substance use or an addictive behaviour disorder, we can help!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your life, we have the ideal solution for you!

Rebirth has developed a dynamic wellness programme under the guidance of internationally accredited experts to help you thrive in these extraordinary times.


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