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About U-ACT

The Ubuntu Addiction Community Trust (U-ACT) is an organisation committed to supporting individuals, families, organisations and communities that are trapped in the cycle of addiction, substance use disorders and dysfunctional behavioural patterns.

U-ACT is a Section 18(A) Trust, non-profit and public benefit organisation passionate about the work we undertake to TRAIN! EMPOWER! TREAT!

U-ACT is passionate about the personal and professional growth and development of all the people, groups, organisations, and communities that we work with.

Our Ambassadors of Social Change, professional coaches and peer recovery specialists are committed to upholding the spirit of Ubuntu “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

~ Gandhi ~ 

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide those challenged by substance use and addiction, and behavioural disorders a secure, inspirational space to make positive changes in their lives  and encourage others around them to do the same.  

To support and empower our professional recovery coaches to build successful businesses in  the niche of recovery and wellness. 

For the U-ACT model to become the blueprint for effective and engaging recovery  solutions.


To find support and funding to build a sustainable program which  becomes the number one destination for those seeking professional, accessible  support and help.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is  based on the following values and principles:

To train coaches that deliver services of the highest professional standard.

To empower those we engage with both inside and outside the organisation.

To deliver the best possible treatment in the substance use and addiction disorder industry.

To work within the ideal that “together we can create a life of meaning and purpose”.

To uphold the values of integrity, service to others and authenticity in everything we do.

To hold central the spirit of Ubuntu in all our private, community and corporate work.

Train! Empower! Treat!

At U-ACT our commitment is to:

Support a professional development experience for coaches high in empathy and interested
in working within the substance abuse treatment & recovery environment.

Create the opportunities for staff and partners of the trust to empower themselves in a
solutions-driven organisation backed by servant leadership.

Build a safe, supportive environment for individuals and families to heal and recover.

Develop a network of partners willing to support in areas such sharing their expertise.

Assist with the procurement of equipment, media strategizing and fundraising to support the trust's work

Contribute innovatively and foster inspiring experiences to positively change lives.


Be part of the solution and #breakthestigma

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