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The Women of Wisdom and matthew hallas memorial fund

The memorial fund was established in 2021 to honour the life of Matthew who was lost to suicide following a battle with a substance use and mental health disorder. U-ACT's team was personally impacted by Matthew's tragic passing, as he was founder, David Collins's nephew, and the eldest son of his sister, Sarah and brother-in-law, David Hallas.

COVID-19's impact across the globe has led to a second pandemic, which is the drastic impact this time has had on mental health. Isolation, uncertainty, collective trauma, and the fear of illness and death has seen individuals under relentless stress and pressure.

Since November 2008 U-ACT has been committed to supporting individuals, families, groups, organisations, and communities challenged by substance use, addictive behaviour and mental health disorders. 

Matthew's family believe that regardless of someone's situation, they should be able to access help for their disorders that is compassionate, supportive, professional, and progressive. The creation of the fund is to take this help to others challenged and overwhelmed by the enormity of managing their recovery and wellness process.

By donating to the fund, you are making a difference to the lives of countless others who are need help and support. The donations are made to a Section 18A Trust. Sarah, Matthew's mom, has been appointed to the board of trustees to ensure ongoing transparency and that the donations are used to honour Matthew's life.

Be part of the solution
Make a difference

The best way to be part of the solution and make a difference is to complete one of our certified training programmes. As a recovery coach or peer recovery specialist, you will have the opportunity to make a huge difference in your own life, organisation or community. By learning and practising the skills, you will give others the opportunity to empower themselves and live by the spirit of Ubuntu.


Our U-ACT Schools' Programme, Ambassadors of Social Change, does require financial support and funding. And as it is an educational programme donations that support learning, growth and development are all welcome.

The Foundation Clinic is committed to supporting individuals who are unable to cover the cost of substance use treatment, and the trust endeavours to cover the costs where willingness and commitment to recovery are overshadowed by the lack of funds and resources.

All donations made to U-ACT will be issued a Section 18(A) tax certificate. This means that you are getting to choose where you want your tax contributions to be spent!

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