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The Foundation Clinic

The Foundation Clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa, is U-ACT's flagship addiction treatment and recovery centre. The fully licensed and professional clinic offers the following services to those battling with substance use and addictive behaviour disorders:

  • Medically assisted detox

  • Primary and secondary inpatient treatment

  • Long-term recovery reintegration programme

  • Recovery wellness outpatient programme

  • Sober living and halfway house

  • Individual coaching, counselling and therapy

The clinic is contracted to medical aid and offers free pre-admission and information sessions to support you in making the right decision about your treatment.

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The clinic, established in 2001, follows a cognitive behavourial coaching and therapy modality, focusing on creating systemic recovery and wellness.

The programme is multidimensional and introduces clients to a variety of ways to develop and support their personal recovery.

The professional team works on individualising treatment plans for our clients to ensure that they engage in a plan that takes their goals, needs, values, resources and personal and professional circumstances into account.

The inpatient programme includes the following:

  • Medical assessment and detox.

  • Programme orientation.

  • Individual treatment planning.

  • Individual counselling and coaching.

  • Group sessions focusing on:

    • Recovery tools and practices​

    • Relapse prevention

    • Trauma counselling

    • Creative therapy

    • Health and fitness

    • Introduction to mutual aid groups (e.g. AA, NA, SMART)

    • Exit strategies.

    • Recovery resources.

    • Communication and problem-solving.

    • Goal setting.

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Free confidential pre-admission assessment.

The Foundation Clinic 

41 Pretoria Street

Oaklands, Johannesburg


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